A little bit of everything…

… and you may think, really? Is is possible? Coming from the Cold (Norge) and heading straight to the South (Marrakech)  – ancient oasis of Morocco, pearl of the Maghreb, retreat and hide-out, never sleeping lounge for tourists and lovers and seekers and hiders or just a place where time is of no importance – never was. Just a little bit of everything!

A bit of language. The most difficult one, the most confusing one. My french is a bit rusty, so was the car of the taxi driver. And we started some small-talk. How is the weather and that kind of things. To kick-start things a bit more I expressed the extreme temperature differences between Norge and Marrakech.

Nous avons centaine (100) degrés Celsius au nord. Vraiment? Oui, il est assez froide comparé à ici. Tu veux dire cinq (5) degrés Celsius? Oui, je veux dire centaine (100) degrés Celsius. Vraiment? (and so we continued…until five fingers in the air explained the difference in reception of cold/warm)

You can image the man was more than shocked hearing up North a hundred (100) degress celsius is rather cold compared to thirty (30) down here.  A big difference between centaine (100) and cinc (5).  But often confusion paves the way to sharing information, at least the taxi driver started to explain in detail bits and pieces of Marrakech in french, where to go, why to go the that casino, or to this casino, and the casino over there.  The man has a hobby, for sure! But does he has the money for it? Do not think so.  Only a little bit…


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